How to Follow Up with Leads

This is our suggested process for following up with all leads from your campaign with The main focus of this process is to build toward the “events” which your company has (either weekly webinars, conference calls or online videos). You want to get all of your prospects on these presentations as they will help close them and get us sign ups!

If your system doesn’t have phone numbers as part of the lead capture form then skip the calling part and MAY want to send them one personal email (do not bcc, do it one email address in the “to:” field at a time) to invite them to your companies presentation and leave all of your contact info (Name, phone, email, Skype & Facebook) so they can contact you.

Not reaching your leads? You probably don’t know when to call + best voicemail message ever…maybe? LOL:

1. Call them and introduce yourself. You want to call AS SOON AS THE LEAD COMES IN. It’s great if you can reach them when they are still on your website. Don’t let your leads sit for a couple days and then call, call immediately!

I like to say, “I’m just calling to let you know I’m a real person and this isn’t some sort of internet deal” and then laugh. If they laugh with you, the ice is broken. If they don’t, well you know it’s going to be a tough call probably. I also like to ask them, “Are there any burning questions you have for me from what you’ve been able to look at so far?

You then want to get them talking about themselves. I then ask them the following question, “So I guess you are looking for a way to develop additional income. Have you tried anything else to make money from home or online?

I would suggest that you take some time and write down some bullet points for you to talk about as needed with your prospect such as:

* Your success or the success of the people you are working with to show them you are on a winning team (i.e. I’m working with the top income earners in my company or I’ve had 10 people sign up in the last week)

* Your company’s marketing system and the benefits of it

* Your personal testimonial and how awesome your product is!

* What makes your company unique from everything else out there.

The conversation should start to go somewhere from there and you can try to hit on some of the bullet points you wrote down above, but your main focus is to answer their questions and work to get them to the conference calls, webinar or online videos.

Let them know you sent them an email with important information (usually your companies system will do that). Leave your phone number with them. Schedule a time to call them back after the presentation.

2. If you get a voicemail, leave a short message with your name and phone number and let them know you sent them an important email. Leave your phone number to call you back.

3. Make sure to keep a record of hot prospects from the people you talk to to follow up with.

That’s it! Probably the most important point is contacting the leads ASAP. These are people looking for something in REAL TIME. So you need to strike while the irons hot!

To Your Success,

Justin Clark

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  1. Excellent training, Justin! You have given me must needed guidance and I am very encourged and much more confident…. FINALLY! 🙂

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    Wonderful System! I feel confident about sending my Newbies here to learn how to market properly and get RESULTS! Thank you so much!

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    Hi Justin,
    once leads are ordered do you send out the capture page link and I just wait for response to come in?



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